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Always …

… tell people that you care. Always 💛

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What’s meant …

Strange as it may sound, life works in mysterious ways and what is meant to happen, happens in due course. New job, new colleagues or new acquaintances who can change one’s outlook on life, new insights that develop or guides you on to a new or different path.


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Words / 212

Words – they seem to be in vogue right now, more than ever … maybe not so much for the sake of reading but more like a visual experience or as (un)spoken graphic aesthetics. If that make any sense to you. Letters in themselves are very appealing. Whether they are handwritten or as shop / vintage signs or mirrored letters kids do when they learn to write. There’s something about the shape that appeals…at least for me. Now I’m not particularly focused on letters today. It’s more about proverb. Proverbs arise for some reason & I guess they have different meanings depending on cultures. There’s a lot of knowledge & insight behind most so they are a source of wealth, if one is willing to learn.

Proverbs are something I rather recently discovered that I’m very fond of. I wasn’t aware of that nor that I wore a great deal of proverbs within me, unconsciously. At least not until I changed the language from Swedish to English. Suddenly they showed up & still today, I don’t know how it happened. I think it was because I lacked a lot of words & they became a support, as a transition. They often have the same meaning regardless of language & it became a common denominator in a foreign country. It’s funny how it can be sometimes. Now, I see them everywhere just because I’m aware & interested. But not all appeals to me – I choose those that feel right or fit my way of thinking. You have to be picky so they don’t loose their appeal 🙂

PS. Some aren’t proverbs but I like them because of the graphical expression.

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