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Table setting

A nice table setting for any occasion which can be adjusted with minimal effort to suit any season. Autumn colours, New Year, Christmas, spring feel – the base stays the same with beautiful white porcelain.


Take care / Marie

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Iceberg’s back

This might not be the most filling meal but it’s maybe a more suitable choice for lunch or late in the evening.

It’s nice to see that iceberg lettuce is back on the plates again.

seriouseats via twitter.com

Take care / Marie

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Typing using handwriting on porcelain, in this case plates, have popped up around me, it seems. It is nothing new of course, more a reflection in time perhaps.



Take care / Marie

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I’ve been on the lookout for porcelain / ceramics, preferably a little uneven & with a bit of odd edges, in rough & solid colours. One or other patterned is ok because it is easy to combine, to mix & match. But I do prefer single coloured as always. I had a look in my cabinet & it turned out to be a motley collection of monochromatic. Very predictable, I guess. But it is simple & looks good with single colours, & also easy to add colour or patterns, when the need arises. Which actually happens occasionally 🙂

style-files.com Light grey to dark ceramics / style-files.com

sophisticatings.tumblr.comTableware for daily beauty / sophisticatings.tumblr.com

thingsilike Lyngby vases in white / thingsilike

everlytrue.tumblr.comMatching colours / everlytrue.tumblr.com

nordicdesign.caTimeless design / nordicdesign.ca

shop.ferse-verse.comAdorable porcelain cup with old fashioned floral / shop.ferse-verse.com

fancy.comSimplicity / fancy.com

heritagestyle.tumblr.comSingle coloured porcelain / heritagestyle.tumblr.com

sarahklassen.comRustic beauty / sarahklassen.com

playnext111111.tumblr.comBeautiful on the dining table / playnext111111.tumblr.com

etsy.com Black glazed brown stoneware plates by FiftyOneandaHalf / etsy.com

tumblr.comBeautiful turquoise serving dish / tumblr.com

framacph.comFrama collection / framacph.com

ateliersolarshop.beChubby, irregular white set / ateliersolarshop.be

Take care / Marie

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There are few things that looks as nice, as stacked porcelain – something I prefer to do at times, instead of setting the table with plates etc.


Take care / Marie

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