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Daily inspiration, outdoor lighting

We live in an old house that’s that is classified as heritage but it’s not older than around 110 years. We can’t change things on the outside which is fine with us since this is something we care about. But we can change luminaries in the entrance, although it’s important to be careful so it fits with the surrounding. I think this one would look really nice, modern but still with a hint of tradition & respect for timeless style.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, string lights

These looks great & gives a direct feeling of happiness in the body when I look at them. My favourites since a while back. They look amazing outdoors when darkness begin to fall. I bought similar a while back but haven’t got them up yet.

shop.onefortythree.com:product:string-lightsString lights / shop.onefortythree.com

Take care / Marie

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