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Daily inspiration, hip bag

I would love this Lanvin hip accessory, which is designed for men, that seems to be very practical & convenient. I don’t think I would walk around with gloves on the side but the idea is excellent, for all small things I carry around. Keys, lipstick, small change etc.


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Daily inspiration, fashionable

I do get quite a few questions about my taste around male fashion. What style I prefer – which I thought I easily could describe to you with this image. Slightly predictable maybe but I like the classic timeless style. It is dressy but not too formal – works for most everyday events.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, outfit

Not that it’s cold because we have all year round weather but we have spring in the air & spring will officially arrive next weekend. I like the combination of white & beige in an outfit. This is neat & proper without being over the top. Works anytime!

fancy.com / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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