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Wood materials

A range of different environments with wood materials, within as well as outside – feels very appealing right now. Perhaps the homesickness I feel can be alleviated a little by inspiration of material that has been around me since childhood.










Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, unisex

Finally, a dollhouse that suits all children, regardless of gender. Glad it’s so updated & graphically appealing – for those who one day grows up to become interested in home furnishings.


Take care / Marie

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Small space

You can do wonders with small areas. Think through what you want to achieve, before you start. What functions are needed, what furnitures, what style & what to keep or give away. Smart storage solutions that’s both functional but also nice to the eye. Save space – clothes, bedding & seasonal stuff can be stowed away until it is time to use these again. Sparingly or lots of stuff, if done with care & thoughtfulness, it will make a big difference. You can create an easy-going feel with few well chosen stuff. Or a cozy & homey atmosphere by allowing your storage solution be visible. There are endless choices of ideas so anything is possible, for living in a small space.

archimoods.tumblrAdorable small space / archimoods.tumblr

scandiconcept Compact living / scandiconcept

pinterest.com:katrodabaughTwo single beds & that’s it / pinterest.com:katrodabaugh

2.bp.blogspot.comNeat & functional / 2.bp.blogspot.com

urbio.comSmall storage / urbio.com

bolig Small but sparsely furnished / bolig.dk

adieu-tristess.tumblr.comUse the height / adieu-tristess.tumblr.com

fantasticfranc Hidden storage / fantasticfranc.se

thedesignfiles.netA room within a room / thedesignfiles.net

designsalvation.tumblr.comWell thought out solutions / designsalvation.tumblr.com

tumblr.comSmart & stylish storage vertically / tumblr.com

interioridea.tumblr.comSleep & store / interioridea.tumblr.com

stadshem.seWhite & airy despite the small space / stadshem.se

cazuiyo.tumblr.comSmall room with a view /cazuiyo.tumblr.com

smallrooms.tumblr.comModerately decorated / smallrooms.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Nook / 221

Up early today, awakened by my youngest who needed to fill up his car – so I went with him to the gas station, around five minutes drive & walked back – took 25 minutes in the early sun. It’s refreshing to see the neighbourhood wake up & start the day. For once, I felt refreshed & energetic. I managed to fix some stuff at home, in the early morning. It has been a lot of work lately – late evenings, early mornings, a whole lot to fix on the home front plus the heat that takes some energy too. Now it’s fine weather & around 27 degrees – perfect.

Whatever weather, inside or outside, it’s always nice with small nooks where you can retreat, read, take the time to think over things, listen to music or just relax. Moreover, it’s cozy & inviting plus tat it’s a perfect place for short naps too. That’s one of the nicest things & a luxury too, to be able to take a nap during the day. Also, it’s a perfect place in Christmas time – to curl up in peace & quiet – that’s cozy indeed. Sometimes when our boys were small & still were in need of an afternoon-nap, we ended up in arguments about whose turn it was to get them to sleep. We finally agreed to take turns, for family peace, if nothing else. Those were nice times, indeed.

Light corner with sheepskin & material in oak / soderbergagentur

Cottage style with storage & good natural light / myidealhome

White with textiles & colour / stylefiles

Certainly a small area but cozy nonetheless / mywhiteroom

White & inbuilt with contrasting textiles / designnerd

Colourful textiles & lots of light / flickr.com

Thick seat cushions & plenty of space for books / stylefiles

Works outdoor as well too / pinterest

Strong colours, suitable for kids / betterhomes&gardens

Untreated wood & white stained floor / Scandinavianretreat

Comfortable corner with natural material around & a cozy fireplace / lorilandgill.blogspot

/ icanlivewithtat  via tumblr

Corduroy & velvet too white /smallrooms via tumblr

Ready to relax / 25.media.tumblr

Navy theme with horizontal panel wall / houme via tumblr

 Take care / Marie

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Animal inspired / 169

Hej friends,

I’m not personally that fond of animal attributes in rooms, rather opposite actually. But browsing internet, I came up with a lot of images with animal heads, horns, paws on coffee tables, skin rugs etc. There’s a big amount of people who likes this style. As usual, I’m not judging whether it’s right or wrong. That is up to each one to decide. I’m simply stating the fact. I’ve put together a variety of  images that are rather simple & basic. It’s also one type of animal theme – zebra & with the black & white colours as well as stripes, this fits in most environments, when well done.

The stool is an exciting addition to an otherwise white & calm environment / Countryliving

Exciting light setting with black floor makes the zebra skin rug stand out / Apertmenttherapy

A beautiful naturally striped zebra dressed in the pattern where it fits best  / Morganstern via Pinterest

Black & white living room with a suitable addition / Avolli

Zebra patterned bikini in black & white / Monsieurwintor via Tumblr

Seems like white environments are preferable for animal skin rugs / Interiorhome

Cozy room with subdued light / Skonahem

 Sometimes it’s enough with a cushion to get the feeling / The Fancy

Bright yellow scarf with black print on / Tumblr.com

A fire place & the zebra skin rug / Keltainen

Bright yellow to create a more interesting look  / House & home

Tight slim dress with zebra stripes / Zsazsabellagio

Something warming under the feet / Desiretoinspire

Styling with animal theme – zebra skin rug, some kind of bird & the horns / Google.com

 Take care / Marie

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