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Daily inspiration, crocheted


I have stacks of both round as well as square handmade, crocheted beauties like these – all in white. I’ve been thinking of what to use them for, or rather, where. I like the idea of putting together a number of them, to a curtain, such as the image below. But still keep them all in white 🙂

urbanscarlett via tumblr.comurbanscarlett via tumblr.com


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, handicraft

It is nice with handicrafts – which have taken some time to produce by hand. Which has a value because it is not a mass production. It is unique, simply because it is impossible to make two exactly alike. Which also has its own expression through the personal craftsmanship. And which today is certainly a luxury, something that one pays dearly for & that are not always easy to find.


Take care / Marie

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