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Daily inspiration, patterned sofa

Maybe the use of the layout is not the perfect solution for my part but the sofa catches my eye, for sure. It’s bold patterns & perfect to combine with other more plain furniture.



Take care / Marie

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Colours & patterns

I, who is not the biggest fan of bold colours & patterns is not the best one to promote this but it’s not about using, the but more about enjoying – at a distance. Things can be beautiful without having to have the style or taste, of course. I admire those who can combine the pattern on pattern & add one colour or multiple colours – to make it look beautiful & inviting. It requires a certain sense & talent indeed – as well as passion!

vogue.co.ukvogue.co.uk / inspired by folk tales

skonahem.seskonahem.se / burning colours

burberry.comburberry.com / great design

pinterest.compinterest.com / nice & appealing country style.

fancy.com fancy.com / textiles from the swedish company Svenskt Tenn.

notordinaryfashion.tumblr.com:post:36151401322:burningmirrors-dolce-gabbana-spring-2013notordinaryfashion.tumblr.com / Dolce Gabbana from last season.

HMhome.seHMhome.se / cushions in great colours & patterns.

homedesigning.tumblr.comhomedesigning.tumblr.com / wall paper with owls, plants, nature & definitely inspiring in a work place.

vogue.co.ukvogue.co.uk / great colour combination.

skonahem.seskonahem.se / wallpaper statement.

ikea.seikea.se / bold pattern on the wall that recurs on textile & rug.

joannahenderson via pinterest.comjoannahenderson via pinterest.com

skonahem.seskonahem.se / vintage wallpaper

Take care / Marie

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