I think I would have a hard time choosing wallpaper, no matter which room in the house it would be. It’s nice & gives a dressed feel to the home. I recently found a white wallpaper with texture that feels like velvet on the surface. Very beautiful & gave a sense of depth when you got the wall somewhat at a distance. But still, I do not know if I would want to have a wallpaper that I then have to live with for a while. Maybe, maybe not – while I’m thinking, there’s a lot of inspiration to enjoy.

lantliv.selantliv.se / creates character in the room

skonahem.seskonahem.se / creates an entirely new expression

creativelivingcreativeliving / creates contrasts

alvhemmakleriointerioralvhemmakleriointerior / brings life to the room

cushandnookscushandnooks / can be experienced as art

anneboghossian.blogspot.franneboghossian.blogspot.fr / make it look stunning

enmammasdagenmammasdag / artistic print in the bedroom

femina.sefemina.se / or in the living room

fancy.comfancy.com / subtle pattern

house&home house&home / why not stripes crosswise

skonahem.seskonahem.se / Mulberry wallpaper with vintage feel.

cubeme.comcubeme.com / black & white

hemnet.se hemnet.se / checkered in pale tones

Take care / Marie

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