Wooden seats

We’ve become very fond of this type of stool, especially since we moved to Australia. My youngest son has the ability to find these at flea markets & second hand stores … and always to a ridiculously low price – a talent, for sure! I like the rustic look & they are surprisingly comfortable. They are also very flexible & can be used for so many different purposes & functions.

We came across two high black stools on a market, which I am fond of now. One is currently in use as a side table for a table lamp next to the couch in the TV room. Another finding is a chocolate brown low wooden stool, that is currently being used as an extra pallet on our patio.

etsy.comReally nice combo with the oriental rug & leather sofa / etsy.com

elleinterior.seTogether with black / elleinterior.se

anetteshus.comFine & well-used stool in dark brown / anetteshus.com

Goole image Antonia Siegmund und Matthias LAst SLOEGoogle image / Antonia Siegmund und Matthias

joannahenderson.comModern rustic styling / joannahenderson.com

pretty-recklessss.tumblr.comPerfect support / pretty-recklessss.tumblr.com

boligmagasinet.dkStylish decoration / boligmagasinet.dk

thesimplicityofwhitw.tumblr.comBench & stools for combined seating / thesimplicityofwhitw.tumblr.com

tumblr.comA little helper on the side / tumblr.com


Low & white painted / thinkdecor.tumblr.com

heltenkelt.elsasentourage.seA little higher but still similar design / heltenkelt.elsasentourage.se

honeypielivingetc.blogspot.itA longer model that is perfect at the foot end / honeypielivingetc.blogspot.it

79ideasPerfect as a nightstand / 79ideas.org

urbanspacedesign.tumblr.comWhite & wood, always beautiful together / urbanspacedesign.tumblr.com

pinterest.comRustic in a simple & straightforward manner / pinterest.com

Take care / Marie



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2 thoughts on “Wooden seats

  1. Maybe a trip to Australia – seems like there’s a lot of flea & markets every weekend. I think someone mentioned that it was around hundreds. I’ll keep my dear son here, near me 🙂


  2. That’s a really lovely collection of pictures. Makes me want to rush out and find some second hand shops. Perhaps you could hire out your son for shopping trips.


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