Cardboard fun / 161

Hej dear friends,

It’s strange the kind of things that makes you ponder, think & reflect. Sometimes you stop seeing daily things around you & when suddenly someone makes a comment, you wonder why you didn’t thought of it yourself. It’s like this thing with recycling, there’s so much we can do but we don’t take time or might not see the possibilities. Recycling can sound really boring (not for every one of course). But talented people around tend to come up with things that are surprising, fun, exciting & different. These individuals influences me to rethink.

I came to think of paper, boxes, cardboard etc when I emptied old moving boxes & went to the recycling station with both them & some old stuff. Once back home, I had to check browse online to see out what I could come up with. And as I mentioned, there’s loads of talented people out there:)

Cool storage in white & untreated paper / Atelierruverte

Styling, with everything wrapped & the wall covered with newspaper / Designismine

Cute little thing / Atelierrueverte

Wallpaper of magazines & posters / Mechantdesign

A really stylish low storage of various size for books & other nice things /

Make over with newspaper / Livethemma

Make your own rug by old newspapers /  Rachelwhiting

Stylish bed with under-bed storage /

Begin with a smaller project like this one – kind of nice expression really / VTvonen

Cute, folded paper hearts / Handmadecharlotte

Cover your furniture with paper for a longer life / Emmasdesignblog

Newspaper on the wall plus a chair & coffee table (stylish trolley also) / Ruevintage74

Create your own art  by cutting in white cardboard / Mechantdesign

Take care / Marie

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