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Hej dear friends,

The weather the last days hasn’t been much to talk about – rain, some sun & rain again. It’s rather boring, to say the least. We’ve been sitting in the sofa with various TV shows & movies lately. It’s pure joy to be together now after months with family & friends on visit from overseas. I’m just so happy to spend time with my sons in peace & tranquility & to get back some of our own time now. The rain is hammering on, outside right now, it sounds almost like a whole army stomping their feet. My oldest son Karl Anton just made me a cappuccino which I’m sincerely grateful for:) It’s rather unusual since he works part time as barrista at the airport & he refuses to touch the coffee machine after work, after hundreds of cappuccionos, lattes, espressos, etc. It doesn’t matter when I’m trying to tell him that it’s special when doing it for his beloved mum. He just mumbles quietly but smiles as he think that I don’t see this.

He’s sitting with Axel right now playing guitar & singing in the background while I’m blogging. This is life at it’s best. This typical ordinary days & moments are worth more then anything else in this world. That’s something you realise, the older you get … with some luck. I think that’s why I love our moments together, whether the guys are singing, sitting in front of the TV to  watch a good movie or around the dinner table talking about anything & everything. Moments of happiness is the height of wealth – that’s my motto in life.

Nice set up in the sand, around the fire place, the view & the big screen / Designwithinreach

Great place where nothing is disturbing around – just the big screen & lots of big cushions / The pursuitaesthetic

Comfortable mattresses on the grass, candle light, lamps in the tree & a movie on / Jaggedbeauty

Nicely done with black & white, big images of actors together with these big comfy sofas / Greige

An affordable solution with shipping pallets painted in white & thick big cushions to sit on / The Fancy

Why not a screen around the pool / Hometone

A mini home cinema in monochrome color scheme / Greige

The good old days / Lylaandblu

Yes yes, I know it’s not a real home cinema but you could pretend, it’s such a beautiful view / Smallroom

From the pool to the soft sun beds / The Fancy

A white wall is perfect to use for home cinema / Vartnyahem

I would watch the fire rather than golf, that’s for sure /  Silive.com

I would have troubles keeping my eyes off this beautiful house / Myidealhome

Intimate space suitable for home cinema & big enough for a blue stylish sofa & some cushions / TrendZona

Take care / Marie

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