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Daily inspiration, black lacquered

Instant love, that’s the only thing I can say. Black, laquered, simple but still a little beyond the usual. I like it when it’s a little straps & a combination of shoe & sandal. And with white sole – well, yes they’re truly irresistible.

theyallhateus.com/ thefashionspot

Take care / Marie

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Shoe lust

Shoes in various material & models are exciting, but I’m relatively restrictive with what I use. NEVER high heels unfortunately – even though I’m short & would benefit. For everyday use, I wear sneakers or desert boots. Flat shoes are my melody – sneakers, boots, sandals, party shoes, formal shoes – doesn’t matter what occasion. Very similar to the first image but in leather or suede. It doesn’t matter how well-dressed you are, if the shoes don’t fit, the whole thing then looks drastically wrong. Or feels wrong, which is worse. I were in the city on a course & stayed after, for a stroll before I went home after work. No intentions to buy but to just look around, have a coffee & soak up the urban atmosphere.

I ended up buying two shoes in suede, black & dark blue in different shops. I must probably acknowledge that it was a feat considering all the high-heeled models that existed – everywhere! But shame on those who give up 🙂 Even If I wasn’t looking really. My philosophy is that when you see something you like, just buy it. You can’t regret that you bought something since you have the option to return the item. But if they run out of stock, that is more – well, not nice if you changed your mind.


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Take care / Marie

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