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Daily inspiration, Tuxedo

Academy Awards & everything, you know, for the sake of the event & all great movies created, here’s an image that balances all creations discussed in media about the beautiful dresses that was worn for this occasion. Some things never changes – Tuxedos!



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, shoes

Shoes can never be underestimated – they are important to the overall impression, but also as an important detail to spice up their outfit. And it’s true that you can’t have too many of them!

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, too much

Do you think this is a bit too much?

I think it’s super neat. It’s elegant but not too much. With the ties & shirts in stripes, plaid & white, it becomes a nice mix. It is far more interesting than the usual grey & gloomy business suits. I guess it takes some courage to pull of this in a natural & casual way.

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Take care / Marie

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