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Glitz & glamor

I think it’s nice when you’re all dressed up without making it stiff or too formal. This is a fine ensemble with a little width at the top & sparkly knee-length dress under.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, casual

Jeans & white shirt looks always good together, for some reason. Maybe it’s the combination of jeans, which is an everyday garment, to a white blouse that becomes a fresh contrast, with its simplicity. Also, it looks a bit more dressed up, with T-shirt underneath & a scarf around the neck.


Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, layers

Simply dressed & layer upon layer – it’s always neat. I like the colour combination with dark grey & light pink. A bit all dressed up but it is toned down by the sneakers, the shirt that protrude under the  sweater & the wrapped scarf.

shopbop / pinterestshopbop via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie



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