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West dress

Not so very common with a west dress – yet – but very nice, especially with a turtleneck & a blouse under.

Sneakers makes the outfit less formal & the length is perfect too.



Take care / Marie

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Long vest

Long knit vests have been around for a while now and I have not fallen for those for some reason. I like the short versions instead. However, I think this combination is inspiring with layer upon layer – long vest, striped blouse AND a turtleneck underneath.


take care / Marie

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Marries well

As boring it may sound for some, one can still calmly admit that black and white marries well together.


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Beige coat

If yesterdays dessert was a preference, I’d say today’s choice is pretty much the same, although another category. I just adore this beige colour & when on a coat of this style too – it’s irresistible.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sweater

You know me by now & are familiar with my choice of garments too. Simple, basic & easy to wear. Just like this sweater in black & white with a white blouse under, where the collar is visible.


Take care / Marie

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