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Simple dishes

I have been sick for a couple of weeks & it has been very monotonous. It feels much better now when I finally are on the mend. It just confirms my belief that one should live for

each moment & be sincerely grateful for every day that that we get
to be healthy.

But, in regards to loss of appetite then – it inspired me to look for appealing, simple & easy to cook-dishes & finger food.

quebuenoesvivir.tumblr.comquebuenoesvivir.tumblr.com / soup with some homemade bread,

whatsgabycooking.comwhatsgabycooking.com /finger food when imagination dwindle,

mademoiselle-bazaar.tumblr.commademoiselle-bazaar.tumblr.com / rare at home but nice occasionally, anyway,

basilgenovese.tumblr.combasilgenovese.tumblr.com / a dash of lemon,

la-reina-de-la-noche.tumblr.comla-reina-de-la-noche.tumblr.com / something readily to drink,

farmhousedelivery.comfarmhousedelivery.com / beet, avocado salad with fresh mozzarella &-fennel,

nofatnowhip.tumblr.comnofatnowhip.tumblr.com / easy & quick to arrange,

thenostalgicvogue.tumblr.comthenostalgicvogue.tumblr.com / healthy fast food,

coopercarras.comcoopercarras.com / lovely street food,

marthastewart.commarthastewart.com / casual entertaining,

delhuxe.tumblr.comdelhuxe.tumblr.com / pasta is always right, preferably meat free,

tryvegan.tumblr.comtryvegan.tumblr.com / creamy wholewheat pasta with broccoli,

atmeal012.tumblr.comatmeal012.tumblr.com / no meals without some kind of cheese,

livethemma.selivethemma.se / simple & easy going bbq,

remainsimple.tumblr.comremainsimple.tumblr.com / all sorts of beneficial food,

Take care / Marie

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