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Cars are not an interest that I have but I can still appreciate the design, shape & colour, of course. Especially the older models. Somehow it feels as if it was more focus on appearance in the “old days” – or is it just nostalgia that attracts, maybe. It’s by all means a lot of fancy cars today but the older classic models, they last forever, with its timeless splendour. Black is always neat or grand in some way but the bright red colour, I’ve always associated with sports cars – it has something to do with the energy & speed … I guess!






asaucerfulofwheels.tumblr.com.asaucerfulofwheels.tumblr.com / Mercedes Benz

whudat.de whudat.de / taxis at night, Central park NYC

apostrophe9.tumblr.com apostrophe9.tumblr.com / Ferrari, 250GT classic red



dustjacketattic.tumblr.comdustjacketattic.tumblr.com / not the usual old image with undressed women – more up to date.

flickr.com flickr.com / Lamborghini Miura roadster


flickr.com:photos:evanmcginnisflickr.com:photos:evanmcginnis / sporty colour & great design

tumblr.com tumblr.com / Mercedes Benz with beige leather inside

Take care / Marie

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