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I am fond of different quotes & statements that people have made or make. A lot of them passes by without getting my attention while others makes me stop & reflect. It’s just that, it’s all about a gut feeling, what attracts one moment & or not. I tend to think that all the images that flickers past on various sites & other says a lot about the wearer of the message – the choice they make around proverbs & quotes. I imagine that we become attached to them because they are close to our way of thinking. Or is it so, that when we face a particular situation or event, becomes a certain proverb more relevant, perhaps. A proverb or short statement usually expresses a general truth, don’t you think?

antoinew.tumblr.comantoinew.tumblr.com / more important than anything else

fancy.comfancy.com / or else be consumed

cafemarocchino.tumblrcafemarocchino.tumblr / be true to yourself

kentuckyblondeblog.comkentuckyblondeblog.com / it comes with experience & age

fancy.com fancy.com / life’s little pleasures

wordsoverpixels.comwordsoverpixels.com / simply stop make “stupid” people famous

theoldtry.comtheoldtry.com /encouragement

detailsorientedbyshapepluspace.tumblr.comdetailsorientedbyshapepluspace.tumblr.com / put you favourites quotes on the wall

pinterest.compinterest.com / busy doesn’t make anyone important

modernhepburn.tumblr.commodernhepburn.tumblr.com / well, that’s us all

img1.etsystatic.comimg1.etsystatic.com / fresh view

google.comgoogle.com / it’s a start

pinterest.compinterest.com / don’t stay there too long

these-times-shall-pass.tumblr.comthese-times-shall-pass.tumblr.com / inner-beauty,

Take care / Marie

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