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Cottages are something that that arouse emotions & makes the heart clap an extra beat. Perhaps it’s the sight of self-imposed loneliness, a sense of freedom, or just that you get time to spend with near & dear … anyway, it’s a welcoming sight.




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, freedom

The rain is pouring down here & have done so for a number of days. We have a week off, to be home when the pool is installed. Excavation has been going for a while, necessary trees have been taken down, all branches & stumps are removed & it continues to rain. We are serving the guys with coffee, sandwiches, drinks & my husband with story telling, to keep the mood up. Frankly, I’d give a lot to get away somewhere & just be, just resting. This image represents what I dream about right now. Freedom!



Take care / Marie

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