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Necessary piece of furniture

The sofa is probably one of the most necessary piece of furniture in a home. The everyday activities of various family situations are significantly different from before. When I grew up, the couch was somewhat of a status symbol & absolutely not available for us kids to sit in. It stood there & dusted, between visits from friends & acquaintances. The few times we got to sit on the couch felt like something very special – and woe, if we accidentally spilled anything. It was equal to a death sentence.

Today there is a huge range, incredible comfort, varying prices & quality – not to mention removable covers. No worries about white sofas, it’s just to take off & throw in the washing machine.

myidealhome.commyidealhome.com / great look in white steel pipe

myscandinavianhome.blogspot.fr:2014:07:a-cool-copenhagen-apartment-in.htmlmyscandinavianhome.blogspot.fr / stylish model with slim legs

thedesignwalker.tumblr.com:thedesignwalker.tumblr.com / my favourite model

frenchbydesignblog.com:2013:10:more-norm-love.htmlfrenchbydesignblog.com/  craftsmanship in wood

archiproducts.com:en:products:28885:recliner-modular-upholstered-fabric-sofa-moving-arketipo.htmlarchiproducts.com / recliner modular upholstered sofa in fabric

cloud.feedly.comcloud.feedly.com / simple “homemade on a base of wooden pallets

thedesignwalker.tumblr.com:post:76284364803:massas-ceollection-by-patricia-urquiola thedesignwalker.tumblr.com / designed by Patricia Urquiola, my absolute favourite designer.

vtwonen.nlvtwonen.nl / I guess I have a think for sofas in grey tones

planete-deco.frplanete-deco.fr / nice with hearty pink to white & black

stadshem.sestadshem.se / large, robust and roomy in beige

nyaadores.blogspot.co.nz:2014:01:h-home-ss2014.html?m=1nyaadores.blogspot.co.nz / wonderful feminine shape

thedesignnwalker.tumblr.com Patricia Urquiola upholsters modular sofa for Moroso in jersey fabricthedesignnwalker.tumblr.com / upholsters modular sofa for Moroso by Patricia Urquiola

justthedesign purplejustthedesign.tumblr.com / swanky model in deep purple colour, that seem to float

homeandinteriors.tumblr.comhomeandinteriors.tumblr.com / lovely red energising colour

pinterest.com:nalleshouse:pinterest.com:nalleshouse /convenient for the the design conscious

Take care / Marie

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