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Daily inspiration, aubergine

People who work with colour analysis, finds that aubergine is my thing. Not the eggplant in itself but the colour – which would enhance my own natural colours & contribute more to my appearance. I don’t know about that, I prefer to use my ordinary basic colours no matter what. But It does not make the colour less attractive to look at 🙂


marthastewartliving via twitter.commarthastewartliving via twitter


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, red color

Thought I’d share a bit about the red color – close to orange – that has different meanings depending on country & history. It’s one if the colors that I really like although it has to be the right red color. Either deep red Christmas color or bright red without the slightest tinge of orange, yellow, or the like. Talk about being sensitive 🙂
Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, base colours

There is a lot going on here, despite the calm colour spectrum. I like the long sofa or possibly a couple of sofas in a row. The base colours are stunning together & creates harmony in the whole room. Black, beige & white, that is my melody. A few striped cushions gives a little more life & dimension to the interior.

detailsorientedbyshapepluspace.tumblr.com/ detailsorientedbyshapepluspace.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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