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Jeans detail 

Not fond of the blazer, neither the handbag but I like the jeans  – bootcut – with the legs longer at the back, which makes the jeans stand out & the shoes more visible.

And the shoes are nice, makes the outfit more dressy. 
fashiontaste via Pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, coat

This coat in long blazer-like model in black is just gorgeous. It’s nicely layered underneath so that the style is emphasised further. Simple & stylish, yes!

fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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A useful garment regardless of the season, right? I prefer simple styles in basic colours. For you who likes variety, there’s so much to choose from right now, no matter colours, material, design – many in styles that are back again. It is like that with fashion, it goes in circles. I am fond of the classic black blazer with a  simple white blouse – and gladly to jeans. Long or short design works fine as long as the model is slender in shape. The blazer is a garment that works all year round, with just a t-shirt or blouse under the summer & with layers during the colder period.

b-undt.tumblr.comStylish design / b-undt.tumblr.com

fancy.com:gerardnusNicely picked with a mixture of patterns & colours / gerardnus via fancy.com

pinterest.com:michelecassidyTimeless /michelecassidy via pinterest.com

the sharpdresser via fancy.comAll right details / the sharpdresser via fancy.com

ambrette.tumblr.comTailoring skills / ambrette.tumblr.com

madetobelookgood.tumblr.comGents style in classic grey / madetobelookgood.tumblr.com

pinterest.comJust white / pinterest.com

leingtoncompany.comCasual dressed / leingtoncompany.com

fonrenovatio.tumblr.comDetails / fonrenovatio.tumblr.com

fashionlover.tumblr.comWith jeans / fashionlover.tumblr.com

fancy.comGrey layers / fancy.com

herculeanluxe.tumblr.comDries design that looks amazing / herculeanluxe.tumblr.com

myrevelment.comTraditional classic style / myrevelment.com

ritascloset.tumblr.com:The classic black that works everywhere / ritascloset.tumblr.com:

nylonpinksy.tumblr.comWith that small detail that makes a difference / nylonpinksy.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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