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The closer we get

The closer we get the Christmas, the happier we become, at least I do. I think it’s something in the air… decorations everywhere, people are smiling, happiness – even if it’s a stressful at time, Christmas music etc.

I’ve picked together some pictures that appeals to me, with no specific¬†thought behind. Or no, actually with dining, activities & getting together in mind. I know that there has been a lot about Christmas on the blog of late.¬†But I really love this time of the year with all that this entails.¬†Maybe it’s the actual countdown.¬†Or is it possibly about the planning & the time – to arrange all the preparations & be ready at the last minute.¬†Possibly even the bit with having to wrap all gifts & come up with a rhyme to each one. Maybe it’s¬†just something inherited from childhood, a habit to wait & long for the time with near & dear ones.¬†It could possibly be about the atmosphere that Christmas creates.¬†Either way, it is much that affects, of course – no matter what, take care of your time¬†with those you love & enjoy the tranquility.

notosarah So right / notosarah

dustjacketA breath of fresh air on the skates / dustjacket

vintagerosegarden At home in the warmth, with beautiful things around / vintagerosegarden

greigedesignAround the table / greigedesign

slettvoll.noNordic Christmas atmosphere / slettvoll.no

IKEAWhite Christmas / IKEA

bymildred Rustic with fine details / bymildred

google.comInviting / google.com

skonahem Scandinavian Christmas / skonahem

livethemma Table setting in a great atmosphere / livethemma

heartbeatoz jBeautiful styling / heartbeatoz

Greige designNice feeling of old times / greigedesign

Enjoy your time with family & friends / Marie

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