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Daily inspiration, lunch

I am a bit careless when it comes to food & it’s totally mad considering how important it is to eat regularly & to eat healthy. I”m vegetarian but this meal (without the meat) looks nice. BBQ chicken with toasted sweet jalapeño & margarita salsa, avocado & potato chips.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sandwich

I love sandwiches, in almost all forms. When they are a little more filling, they work great as a nice lunch. Especially if they are as healthy as possible, which means no white bread, at least.  How about grilled Caprese toast with burrata & grilled avocados – does not that sound nice?


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, healthy

My vegetarian journey continues. Healthy food should be easy to find, cook & enjoy but it requires some skills & talent. Especially when I am busy or short of time. Planning is the key as well as patience.

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Take care / Marie

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