Lemon 🍋 cake

The ultimate dessert – the delicious lemon cake 😋

Credit: Chris Ryder | Pinterest
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3 thoughts on “Lemon 🍋 cake

  1. sambuka says:

    Better late than never… Just wanted to say thank you for directing me to the right source. Found it, made the cake. It was very well received. Thanks again!!!

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  2. Hi Julia, thanks for your email & for following the blog for such a long time. Chris R is on Pinterest & his contact email is:
    He also added: @ChriRyderSA
    I hope that works fine for you.
    Take care & stay safe 💛


  3. Julia Maxa says:

    Hi there! Thanks for your beautiful blog. Have been following you for a number of years now. Just this weekend was looking for the lemon cake recipe…. and saw your post today. Can you please let me know how I can find the original picture and post by Chris Ryder. I searched internet and Pinterest with no luck. Many thanks in advance, Julia

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