Very Swedish

A beautiful image of a typical summer setting in a small place, on the island of Öja, the southernmost island in Stockholm’s archipelago.

The lighthouse is Sweden’s oldest (1689). Öja hotel is open all year around – imagine the island in wintertime…

Scandinaviantravels via instagram


Take care / Marie

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6 thoughts on “Very Swedish

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh I am so happy that someone has answered my question!! Thank you! My husband kept ‘remembering’ it as a pastry. The farm pretzel makes sense! I’m glad to know also the real spelling and translation! Thanks ever so much!

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  2. Barbara says:

    Wonderful ,kisses from Italy

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  3. It might be “bonn kringla”. Which in this case means simple. Direct translation would be farmer pretzels.


  4. fanofPawleys says:

    Ms. not so “Ordinary Woman” lol, this is the most awesome photo! My husband is of Swedish decent and I have begged him that we could go visit.
    You may already know the answer to this, but if not and it wouldn’t be a great deal of trouble could you ask about “boon kringler” that is my spelling of hubby’s pronunciation of a pastry his grandmother used to make. I asked at a Swedish settlement in IL and no one knew even the baker. Thanks, Jill! I LOVE your blog!!

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  5. koolaidmoms says:

    How lovely! It looks like a little toy village.

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