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Street art

We are hired as private drivers, part-time, usually involuntarily & unprepared – I may not have told you that! It’s various activities, dinners, gigs & other we are asked to drive our boys to, and it’s unpredictable. To put it nicely – we get to see places we otherwise wouldn’t. Different suburbs, neighbourhoods & areas where they usually meet with friends.

So in other words, inspiration from the streets today – it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about peoples creativity. The way people can change the street scene, not through architecture but by being ingenious in a simple, down to earth-way. What’s exciting is that it can turn up anywhere & unexpected. It makes me think about the person behind & the reasoning. I call it street art, where others might look at it as clutter or graffiti…perhaps.

streetartutopiaLove you too / streetartutopia

tumblr.comA crack becomes a spider web / Bicycle parking with joy /

tumblr.comThe Leaning Tower of Pisa /

pinterest.comNice stair decoration with a homey feeling /

memolition.comA tiny speck that keeps the streets clean /

memolition.comColourful characters with twinkle in the eye /

photobucket.comLook up! /

imcallingshots.tumblr.comWhat was once was meant, means something else now /

google imagesSomeone is a passionate knitter / google images

fancy.comDices among cobbles /

evysinspirations.tumblr.comThere’s a view,  with or without windows / watering /

fancy.comCurly hair /

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, muted colours

This is a somewhat subdued colour scale – maybe a little masculine – a large comfortable sofa, dark carpet, cushions & a small seating area with an amazing view of the skyline. Without the dark floor, it could have been a sterile experience. Concentrated styling can do much.

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, black ink

This kind of pen was once one of my  – in the days when it was more personal with a letter. It was an event in itself – just because you knew that someone had taken the time to write & that it was handwritten. Isn’t that something that is very rare today, or?






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Daily inspiration, carriage

I just love this image. I avoid all forms of public transport – but with such environments as this train wagon, it would be a privilege to commute.

Take care / Marie

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Mattresses, why? Well, it reminds me of childhood, all the nights spent at the cottage, in the caravan, with friends, at summer camp, etc. They can be used for so much. Also easy to stow away. And of course, easy to change the look with fabric, if you feel like it. Useful in the teenage room with several layers to make it more comfortable or on the settee or wooden bench – why not directly on the floor with a nice cover on.

79ideasThick mattress with pink stripes /

kireei.comBroad stripes in green-blue /

thebooandtheboy.comPrincess (or prince) and the Pea /

heartwarmings.tumblr.comComfortably rolled for better backrest /

SAdecor&designVintage beds with old fashioned mattresses / SAdecor&design

apaperaeroplane.tumblr.comStripes in masses /

livethemma Home made mattresses with fabric covers /

mommodesignCustomised after the size of the house / mommodesign

room269.tumblr.comSimplicity /

domoweinspiracjeiplany.blox.plExciting & striking /

decor8blog.comFabric-covered mattresses /

pinterest.comMattresses combined into a sofa place /

plaza.seBring your mattresses outdoors /

suisses.frHomemade solution /

whiteandothercolors.tumblr.comCountry style /

Take care / Marie

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