So, finally it’s done – we got our Christmas tree up & running. It’s such a process every time. Although I adore the Christmas period I feel a bit hesitant when it’s time to do something in my own home. Come to think about it, I believe that I’ve difficulties to adjust to the summer-christmas, if you know what I mean. I feel a bit jealous when friends back home describes the icy, cold weather, all snow, traffic hassles in snow storms etc. I’m aware that I possibly romanticise this because of the distance & my longing for home. Or, maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older & with that comes the desire to be close to family & friends. Let’s not delve into that right now, anyway. Our Christmas tree, small & simple, is standing where it should now. That’s a fact 🙂

annatruelsen Space enough for a small tree / annatruelsen

ilovethishome.tumblr.comYou don’t always need a tree /

goodhomes.netA combination of trees & a tree /

flickr.comNothing beats the nature /

mylovelythings.blogspot.comWinter styling outdoors /

bing.comMagical /

villanagorlunda.blogspot.ruChristmas attributes that creates a homely feel /

pinterest.comChristmas eve or morning /

kahlerdesign.comSmall sweet candle holders /

ikea.comUse your creativity /

ruralgirl.tumblr.comBlack & white /

facebook.comThe traditional Christmas tree in Stockholm / trees works well too /

google imagesWhite Christmas / google images

emporio74.blogspot.chTraditional Swedish Christmas /

Take care / Marie

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