Storage solutions

Clever storage solutions are easy to find. The thing is how to make it work in your place – to make it yours. I like to belive that it’s important to customise the solution after the surface that’s available, so that it works into the room as a whole. Now, I am not just thinking of the very expensive craft solutions that can be designed & bought for destined areas but also smart finished products from furniture companies.

Also, think about how much of the storage you want to allow being visible. It can look really exciting to visualise all storage, when done right in the particular area. It is nevertheless important with the wholeness, balance & expression, not forgetting the practical solution, from when you open the door to the cabinet or pull out the drawer, to the whole lot from the outside,

formfireglassworks.comBaskets are a great way to keep things easily /

fancyNice to look at &  beautiful to use /

livethemma Nice styling with a collection in white /

unoo viafWire baskets in metal for all types of small things / unoo via

vtwonen.nlBuilt in storage /

vintagehome.tumblr.comRattan storage /

livethemmaCompose your own style /

wabisabiHidden storage at the bottom & open at the top / wabisabi

thebrickhouseSimple / thebrickhouse

concreteanddust.tumblr.comAll sorts of storage for a more personal style /

www.micasarevistaOpen shelves for pretty little things / micasarevista IMG_4297Personal /

fancy fire escape shelfFire escape shelf /

boligciousVarious heights / boligcious Colour coordinated /

Take care / Marie

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  1. Juanita in Ohio says:

    P.S. I found it!!! Thank you so much, again.


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