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Hej friends all over the world,

My blog host is improving the site continuously & it’s now easy to see where my followers are in the world. It’s incredibly interesting & exciting. I dont seem to get it into my head that I can sit in my corner of the world & reach other like-minded individuals around the earth, with just a click on the keyboard. It’s worth thinking about, how things evolve … & how we often take it for granted. Either way, it’s fun &  really overwhelming to know that over 43,000 visitors has “knocked on the door” during this year that I have been blogging. I would like to thank you – each & everyone, for your confidence & for all encouraging comments. BIG thanks 🙂

Today’s post is about something that I have developed a crush for (lately). Concrete, a construction material composed of coarse gravel, crushed rocks or sand plus cement & water. It’s a material which is energy efficient & have a long life. Furthermore, it only gets beautiful over the years. My first love in (untreated) concrete was a 40 cm high lantern with glass around all sides. Hard & brittle materials, which together became wonderfully appealing, with a lit candle inside. I bought it around 15 years ago (time flies) & have it still in my collection. Some things do survive over time…

Nice combination with the yellow couch to the grey wall, it softens up the room /

 Striking in it’s simplicity / Gretale via Tumblr

Would love to have these on m y desk / Magnuspettersen via The Fancy

Kitchen corner with exciting material /

Dramatic expression but still homey / Stylecookie

Purely natural materials / Justthedesign

Kitchen bench  – nice with wooden furniture / TheFancy

Austere & beautiful / Desiretoinspire

Bright, light & nice combined / Designnerd via Tumblr

Still-life /

Cool /

Frayed environment with modern stuff /

Some colour never hurts / Skonahem

Take care / Marie

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