High ambitions / 184

Hej friends,

I’m inspired by cities, traffic, streets – especially & most of all, tower blocks & skyscrapers. I like the feeling of busy people, traffic that winds through the streets, the buzz of things happening around, coffeeshops in every corner &  that it’s crowded wherever you look. You’re surrounded on the street as well as above. I have to admit that, I oddly enough, really enjoy the sense of urgency. I’s like living at the side of a community where things have their course. You know, like when you’re on vacation & don’t have to bother about the time or having to adapt to others … while everyone else rushes around with this & that. It’s a nice feeling actually. It’s a great to wander around aimlessly, walk street after street, to stop when you feel for it, grab a coffee & people watch. And then to have high-rises & skyscrapers around, it just adds to the feeling of pleasure & excitement.

I am definitely a city person who thrives in urban environments, without a doubt. It’s nice to have the peace of the countryside, the scenery, the summer cottage & the green meadows. To smell the flowers, just relax & breathe fresh air. But after a few days I get restless & want to both see & experience the noise, stress, streets, squares & traffic. I do not know about you but this is me. I have no problem to relax & drift away regardless of how noisy it is around me. So in that case, I have no high ambitions, in addition to the architectural such, of course 🙂

Great feature wall / Designedforlife

There’s something about skyscrapers that make me happy inside / Betsy via Pinterest

As close as you can get / Mariariazolli

A place where I could be sitting for days, no doubts / Designedforlife

Maybe not high-rises, but high enough nonetheless / Fashionliving via Tumblr

Although not a real skyline but cool on the blackboard / Google.com

Imagine all the people, living in those houses with the great park in the middle / Thefancy

Great city view / Ustagiremez

Neat top – not a common sight / Wrenwren via Pinterest

Great shot & perfect timing / boredpanda.com

Close but still far away / Ustagerimez

Where is he going? / Google.com

Nice illustration in black & white / Tumblr.com

Standardised tower blocks / Todayyouinspiredme

Glass & concrete city / Designedforlife

Lampshade in black with sleek silhouette / Dahlarna

Take care / Marie

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