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Hej friends,

Home made or not but a clever thing to use for endless things – those wooden crates. Honestly, there’s so many nice & functional things that they can be used for. It’s easy to add character in a room, or a wall, especially if it’s combined with new things too. It doesn’t have to be old crates, by all means. Many new furniture with storage are influenced by the solutions that can be seen on different blogs, magazines or vice verse.

Nowadays it’s relatively easy to find newly produced chest of drawers, bookshelves & boxes with drawers-on-each-other system. But you don’t need to buy the solution, of course. Use your creative ideas, find a few old crates & do your own thing. High or low, wide or narrow, white or black, splash of colour or minimalistic…there are endless possibilities.

That is, if you are in the mood…otherwise just scroll through some solutions here to be inspired & forget about the whole thing.

Crates along the walls / Abeautifulliving

Painted in pastels / Pinterest

Painted white / Konfetti

Attached as they are / Designsponge

Nice composition / Hus&hem

Store whatever you need or want / Niceroom

 Untreated & great look / Google.com

Wallpapered inside / Blogs.babble

Storage under the shelf / Poppytalk

Newly produced in white / Purplearea

Boxed solution / Joyforhome

Display racking / 30.media.tumblr

Turned upside down, for fun / Lambert

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Home made / 155

  1. dressesandme says:

    Wow! I love all of those rooms. I love the rustic yet tidy look x


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