Make up spot / 142

Hej friends,

We have three bathrooms & one would like to think that it’s more then necessary for a family of four. Yet it takes time for the other three in the family to be ready. They could be standing in front of the mirror, for ever, if they could, beleive me. There are hair dryers, hair straightener, gels, spray, earrings, eye liner … well, you name it. I haven’t even mentioned their problems to choose outfits yet. And these three, is thus my two sons & my dear husband. No teenage girls, as one might think.

Anyway, it’s all right during the week, by all means, as we all have different times. But on weekends it is a constantly bickering. It’s bad enough having to wait for them to be done, but even worse that when they are ready to go, they go out to the car & sits down to wait three seconds before they start sound the horn … just when I finally have got access to the bathroom. Well, maybe I just should be grateful because they care about how they look. Who knows…

Given my small everyday concerns, I have been looking up different expressions on dressing table that might inspire you. Not that I think I’d have the place in peace. Since my youngest son often looks through my makeup bag, he would love the idea of a make-up spot:)

Modern makeup table in birch with wide drawer & a glass top  / IKEA

This table may not be used as make-up space, but probably equally important for all jewelry & other small items / Simplypix

Small desk space but many mirrors at least / Inspiringinteriors

It’s rather complicated to choose the right shade on the lipstick / Lipstickloves

And rather difficult to resist small beautiful glass bottles / Re-laxed

There’s something special with perfume …the scent can determine whether it will be a good day or not / Thehouseofstyle

Plenty of space & nicely composed in pale pink / Livethemma

A bit simple but freshvwith the small area of what’s needed at the moment & a neat mirror / Thedecorista

Compartment for all bits & pieces that otherwise easily dissapears /Lamaisond’annag

Perfect solution with the drawer & small compartments, plus enough space on the surface with built-in mirror / IKEA

Nice arranged on the white tray/ Theestate

Vintage drawer  with brass mirror, can make anyone happy, at any time / Coolschicstyle

 It’s good to have everything in place when it is time for the beauty part / Pinterest

Drawers, surface, mirror, shelfs & a comfortable chair / Smallrooms

Take care / Marie

PS, make sure to credit the original source if you intend to reblog – it’s thanks to those individuals that we get to enjoy all beautiful pictures.

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