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Daily inspiration, interior

Nice furniture in a simple modern contemporary style with items that’s become classic. Not too much decor & with a great background.


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Daily inspiration, dining space

A lovely, bright & inviting kitchen environment with white tiled walls, curtain-free window, unpainted wood floors & a mix of furniture – all the ingredients for a successful result.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, colourful textiles

This image is probably a few years old but the styling with colourful textiles & mixed patterns never goes out of style. It always works & has many supporters. I am not one who chooses colour in general but think this looks nice.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, eye candy

Aesthetic image of a pastry that surely tastes great – and is pleasant to the eye – makes you stop for a moment. What a delight to posses such talent. Presented on a white plate with dark background in simple styling since the pastry itself is sufficiently inviting as eye candy.

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, textiles

A nice image of styled bed linen, without too much knickknacks around. I like the combination of relatively minimalistic colour scheme & slightly bohemian feel. And without a bed that takes up the space, the textiles comes more into focus.

olsson&jensen via vloglovin.comolsson&jensen via vloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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