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Split up

Whether you want to build a permanent solution to split a surface or create a temporary one – there’s a lot you can do. It’s perfectly possible to invest in an architect-designed long-term solution, of course. But there are also fairly simple variations that are good enough. I like the idea of dividing a room with a large piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or a bookcase - works well with smaller furniture such as a work desk too. A place built wall with inserted window or larger glass area can become really neat & create a whole new architectural impact.

Rustic, modern, minimalist – no matter style, as long as you feel at home with your solution. Take a look below & see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

25.media.tumblr.comMinimalistic / 25.media.tumblr.com

designtraveller.tumblr.comRoom divider / designtraveller.tumblr.com

desiretoinspireOutdoor solution / desiretoinspire

automatismConnection between the work space & kitchen /n avotakka.fi

apartmenttherapySoft & appealing  / apartmenttherapy

designtimeDramatic / designtime

cocolelley.comClear with glass / cocokelley.com

nuncarchitectesA room in the room / nuncarchitectes

cat4052Transparent / cat4052 via fancy.com

remainsimple.tumblr.comElegant / remainsimple.tumblr.com

skonahem.seRomantic & delicate / skonahem.se

fermlivingHiding place for the little ones  / fermliving.se

nono-s.tumblr.comNarrow the space / nono-s.tumblr.com

husohem.seSeparate / hus&hem.se

Take care / Marie

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Homemade / 199

Hej dear blog readers,

There’s something special with homemade stuff, no matter how they look…you know, whether they are perfect or not. It’s the thoughtfulness & the time that’s been put into it, that appeals to me. Plus that it’s something that nobody else has, which is fun too. It doesn’t have to be ambitious, just fun, new, exciting, different. I like people who takes their ideas into action. Especially those that are practical, handy & innovative. Maybe innovative isn’t quite the right expression. I’m not thinking about something complicated really, somewhat more towards the resourceful direction. Kind of making soup on a nail, as like making something out of nothing…you know what I mean, right?

Those nifty people who fixes & juggles & comes up with ideas … AND swish… suddenly there’s a solution that’s both fun, excting, different … sometimes without much effort. Well, that’s the way it seems. What would we do without these individuals…our world would be rather boring without them. As I mentioned, it’s no high tech stuff I’m talking about, but more  the appealing, simple, easy & nice solutions. Well, well you will probably understand what I mean when you see the pictures below. Simple, fun, different…that is, if they appeal to you at all.

Recycling at it’s best, personalised & fun / Apartmenttheraphy

Worn & unpainted doors on wheels / Cush&nook

How cool is that, taking in nature through logs as table legs / Desiretoinspire

Blackboard has been around for a while now, but here with a personal touch / Keltainen

Modern, rustic & contemporary / Mywhiteroom

Irresistible low cabinet with wooden hatches / Poppytalk

Some wooden boxes in the hall & you get a functional storage / Sanna&sania

Another cabinet solution with reclaimed wood / Sfgirlbybay

Why not piece together a puzzle / TomVmorris

Reeds as a backdrop & recycled timer to the bed / Desiretoinspire

Who would believe that waste wood could look so good  / Dreamywhites

Cubic shaped wooden boxes, various gaps with old & new mixed / Rosavanriel via Pinterest

It doesn’t have to be so pretentious, you know / Kulunkadecoblog

Ingeniously simple, right / Blissblog

Some various fabric scraps & you will soon have nice neckties / 79ideas

Take care / Marie

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It’s in the details / 84

Hej friends,

Detail have been standard throughout my working life. It’s true, that small things can determine the whole. It’s like a painting where you see new things each time. Details are relatively important no matter what you work with, more or
less. One might not always perceive them but they are noted unconsciously – something that will determine, confirm or something that you just can feel or sense that adds to your experience. It’s certainly a lot about having an open mind – too. That little last part is sometimes what separates the wheat from the chaff. I’ve picked some images that has some details that may or may not catch your eye. Either way, it’s in the details.

In the sun light & close up, it’s possible to se all small details that wouldn’t have been noted otherwise / Flickr

Looks like any other cord but not really – it’s a lamp that you can hang wherever it suits you / Home ideas

A slightly skewed branch, painted white, with chains attached device from the ceiling / Bolig

There has to be some protection for the floor…with this pretty detail / At home

Enhance or simply refresh in a small way / Um pastel de nata

A nice small corner although I don’t understand the cups – a minor detail that I don’t really grasp / Family living

A fourth squeezed himself into the team,with a another colour / Etc

Yellow bright fridge – a detail or you might see other details without the bright yellow colour / Residence

An ordinary hemp roll goes from ordinary to exciting, with the love word / Visual poetry

A simple white blouse front, immediately becomes exciting with a slits at the back / Winter fashion

Breakfast-train – a train comes loaded. With what? / Handmade Charlotte

Take care / Marie

The majority of the images on the blog are not mine. If you are the owner & would like your image removed, please let me know.

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Hide & seek / 80

Hej friends,

Hiding is difficult with a house full of people everywhere in every room. Lucky that we have terrific weather that much time is spent outdoors. It’s a bit too hot right now, around 40 degrees. My in-laws have unpacked & are now installed with the stuff that’s needed around them. They’re spending most of their time at the pool, no matter how hot it is. Crazy Swedes, sitting in direct sunlight in this heat:)

My lovely friend from Adelaide arrived the day after for a visit which was nice with time well spent, it just went too quickly. My days now on are occupied with early breakfast’s, coffee, then a second breakfast, coffee again, then lunch, coffee in the afternoon…well you get the picture. Later, around midnight, is when next visit arrives – this time it’s my sister in law whom we haven’t seen in quite a while. It’s indescribable how incredibly pleasant it is, having the loved ones around you. It’s truly the height of happiness. What can be more essential in this world.

I’m blogging about dividers today, perhaps because it feels relevant with the house full of people right now. It’s a good way to solve privacy, to bring order for each one & to keep surfaces neat & tidy. Above all, you can hide the worst mess temporarily.

Thin brown transparent curtains surrounding the white bed / Remodelista

Nice to have some privacy when taking a bath / Google.com

What a nice way to create a hide away behind lovely clothes / From moon to moon

Stylish solution to keep the hallway in one place but still transparent with the glass door between / Femina dk

A big bedroom & plenty of space for a canopy above the bed / Inspiring interiors

It’s easy to separate the light by a pleasant room divider / Nice room

Sliding doors to the pantry, makes the room more exciting / Inspired bohemia

A half wall is not a bas solution sometimes / My white room

A wall of glass, divides the room, to create a working atmosphere but still part of the joint unit / IKEA

A common solution with the shower curtain but the ceiling height, strengthens the sense of two rooms in the room / Home & garden

A relatively small room, but with thin white curtains on the side of the bed gives a sense of space & airiness / IKEA

Bright yellow door to separate the bath room from the bed room / House to home

A large white curtain as a room divider / Pinterest

 Another solution with a cloth drapery to cover the small storage area / Skona hem

A hat is still the best to shut out the sun / The pursuit aesthetic

Again, thin white curtains that create some privacy in the large room / Stadshem

Old classical room divider, removable, flexible & a good way to create character/ unknown

Take care / Marie

The majority of the photos on the blog are not mine. If you are the owner & want your photo removed, please let me know.

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New kids on the block / 30

Hej all, I am sure that you have figured out that I’m a family person,without no doubts. I take every opportunity to spend time with my darling & my boys. It might be a bit unusual to be that tight because we are together most evenings…having dinner, watching a movie on TV or cinema, talk & socialise. On weekends we spend breakfast together before we split up to do some errands. We usually meet up somewhere later on the day for lunch or dinner. Axel & Karl Anton’s friends are often here & stays overnight most weekends. I wouldn’t want it in another way. They are in their beginning of the adult world & it’s exciting to see how they experience the journey. Who will become permanent friends, who’s going to finally become the great love of life. UNI studies, work orientation & experience, choices in life…there is much that will happen, both joy & disappointments. The worst part to a parent is to not be to protect them, however much one wishes. I got an email the other day – such that you should pass on (which I never do) referring to learning of life. One of them was that if you love you child, you have to let go. It is the greatest gift you can give, after creating the foundation for them. Yeah sure, easier said than done. But I am slowly slowly getting used to the thought. Right now, I’m enjoying their company in Cairns…might be the last one they want to spend with their parents, who knows…

The most important people – the children of the world,

Colourful room through the wallpapered boxes - a great idea when you want to create something different / Bolig magasinet,

Light blue, a boy’s colour according to the old school. Simple & adequate for the age / Getty,

A little more interesting & worked. Not the typical light blue & pink colours,

Good to start early with letters & does, if nothing else, the room more interesting,

This is more my idea of room. Based on kids need of reading, relaxing, playing, discovering & using their imagination / IKEA,

Very sweet, suits everyone & you can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl / House to home,

Pick up a few things that are colorful, but don’t assume that all in the room must have colour just because it’s for kids / IKEA,

Let kids party be a real party with low tables, different chairs & fun accessories / IKEA,

White base, low wall with wall paper & colourful accessories that are easy to change / At home,

This would probably be both fun & exciting for all kids, I’m sure,


Take care / Marie


The majority of the photos on my blog are not mine. If you are the owner & want your photo removed from here, please let me know. I don’t profit economically from the use of any photos posted here.

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