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Daily inspiration, kitchen love

Eclectic kitchen with ideas, style & taste from a broad and diverse range of aesthetic belonging. It’s an appealing with the kitchen part in wood & metal. A great deal of atmosphere & homely feel. Nice mix of things that looks really good together.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, creatively

With a little determination & a lot of imagination, you can create something that is your own personal style, that you can enjoy every day. A creation of storage for the small things that you want visible.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, clever solution

There are always a need of clever solutions in some areas in the home that have to be customised, when furnishing a room. Crooked, narrow, limited space – or, as here, a sloping roof. Then it is gratifying that someone has already thought of & created a solution – not only clever but also simple, as stylish.


Take care / Marie

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Homemade / 199

Hej dear blog readers,

There’s something special with homemade stuff, no matter how they look…you know, whether they are perfect or not. It’s the thoughtfulness & the time that’s been put into it, that appeals to me. Plus that it’s something that nobody else has, which is fun too. It doesn’t have to be ambitious, just fun, new, exciting, different. I like people who takes their ideas into action. Especially those that are practical, handy & innovative. Maybe innovative isn’t quite the right expression. I’m not thinking about something complicated really, somewhat more towards the resourceful direction. Kind of making soup on a nail, as like making something out of nothing…you know what I mean, right?

Those nifty people who fixes & juggles & comes up with ideas … AND swish… suddenly there’s a solution that’s both fun, excting, different … sometimes without much effort. Well, that’s the way it seems. What would we do without these individuals…our world would be rather boring without them. As I mentioned, it’s no high tech stuff I’m talking about, but more  the appealing, simple, easy & nice solutions. Well, well you will probably understand what I mean when you see the pictures below. Simple, fun, different…that is, if they appeal to you at all.

Recycling at it’s best, personalised & fun / Apartmenttheraphy

Worn & unpainted doors on wheels / Cush&nook

How cool is that, taking in nature through logs as table legs / Desiretoinspire

Blackboard has been around for a while now, but here with a personal touch / Keltainen

Modern, rustic & contemporary / Mywhiteroom

Irresistible low cabinet with wooden hatches / Poppytalk

Some wooden boxes in the hall & you get a functional storage / Sanna&sania

Another cabinet solution with reclaimed wood / Sfgirlbybay

Why not piece together a puzzle / TomVmorris

Reeds as a backdrop & recycled timer to the bed / Desiretoinspire

Who would believe that waste wood could look so good  / Dreamywhites

Cubic shaped wooden boxes, various gaps with old & new mixed / Rosavanriel via Pinterest

It doesn’t have to be so pretentious, you know / Kulunkadecoblog

Ingeniously simple, right / Blissblog

Some various fabric scraps & you will soon have nice neckties / 79ideas

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, railway

This is freshly styled with nice props that makes the set up playful with the well chosen things that would appeal to kids imagination. Especially the railway in wood, running across the floor & makes the whole feel more alive.


Take care / Marie

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