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Jeans & t-shirt

Friday night & dinner party – with formal dress code. Respect, of course, but my mood says jeans & t-shirt + nice evening at home. I realise that I  sound ungrateful, despite my positive intentions.


Take care / Marie

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I know that everyone around me is looking at shorts, skirts, tee’s & summer dresses right now.

While I am more inspired by layers, coats, sweatshirts & sneakers. This is a great mix put together with creativity.



Take care / Marie

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Short & wide

This lengths on trousers were called cropped trousers, once upon a time. These are more formal in style, which is enhanced by the short vest with a short-sleeved blouse underneath. I would prefer a thin belt to complete the look.




Take care / Marie

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Stylish black 

Imagine that some garments can be resurrected despite the change of time & style. In this case the pant skirt or whatever name that’s suitable.

Nevertheless, it’s the shoes that gets my attention. Admittedly with heels, something I rarely use, but with stylish braided pattern & moderately pointed. Stylish black anywhere-shoes!


Take care / Marie

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Olive & stripes 

 A spacious jumper with stripes crosswise and a pair of spacious olive coloured pants – is what’s needed for a comfortable ensemble.


Take care / Marie

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