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Daily inspiration, grey scales

Grey scales in a bit rough material, layer upon layer, yet easily composed – loose & casual style with masculine feel but feminine effect. I like!



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, brocade

Gold patterned dress with a low cut in the back – embroidered neck with a button closure at the back. Beautiful sewing art with simple but striking design.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, olive green

I think this is appealing even though it’s completely matched, or what do you think? I just find this olive green colour so  irresistible. Some might find it a bit over the top with the beanie to the rest of the outfit perhaps but the colour is unbeatable.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Vogue 1993

Can you imagine that this image is 22 years old already. For me it feels as if it’s today’s style. Much goes around & will return with time, with small minor changes. Pinstripes in dark grey with lighter grey turtleneck & a white shirt underneath where collar & sleeves are fully visible – I think it looks great!

miswhitness.tumblr.com.voguemagazineUS 1993miswhitness.tumblr.com.voguemagazine

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, collar(s)

I have had this image for a while now. I like it & think it’s kind of cool – with the person photographed from behind which is a fun perspective – just because the layered collars appears clearly, while it’s an attractive detail at the same time.


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