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Daily inspiration, shades of grey

Light grey, dark plus darker grey, different lengths plus layer on layer – that’s incredibly stylishly or neat depending on the design. That the environment is suitable in grey & white with a brick wall behind makes it even more great.

expensivelife.tumblr.com/ expensivelife.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, simple & neat

You don’t get that much colour when I post things about clothing. It’s usually more single coloured items but I guess that you aware of that by now. Here’s a nice image with a beige trench coat & scarf & black trousers with matching bag. The style I like!

justthedesign.tumblr.com:/ justthedesign.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Beige colours

I know many might feel that beige isn’t a particularly interesting colour & that’s ok. I myself often return to that colour both in terms of clothing but also in terms of images. I’ve chosen different images that goes towards beige, brown, sand-coloured, vanilla, light brown, camel – without a thought of anything else than this thing in common. From light tones to the darker ones. I hope you find something that inspires you :)

westelm.comBeauties in different shapes / westelm.com

heatonheaton.tumblr.comNice place for dinner / heatonheaton.tumblr.com

jamesrobertirvine.tumblr.comExciting contrast / jamesrobertirvine.tumblr.com

tumblr.comHarmonious bedroom / tumblr.com

fancy.comThe old fashioned way, today  / fancy.com

henrybourne photographySoft textiles / henrybourne photography

fortheloveofpretty Classic / fortheloveofpretty

trendland.comNeutrals / trendland.com

cazuiyo.tumblr.comPlywood / cazuiyo.tumblr.com

google imageA daily must / google image

fancy.comNice sweater / fancy.com

pinterest.comHere we go / pinterest.com

google.comCommon sense / google.com

79ideas Blankets / 79ideas

casadevalentina.comBeige locations / casadevalentina.com

 Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, grey

This is wonderful in its simplicity. Well, you might say, it’s nothing special. But oh so nicely, I think. It’s from Viktor & Rolf fall collection 2014. Grey trousers, in manly style with a stylish pullover in soft materials. Cut nicely on the sides. A bit loose fitting, so that it won’t become too dressy. Elegant but still relaxed style.

sulia.com Viktor & Rolf fall 2014/ sulia.com

Take care / Marie

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Darker blue

I’ve had this dark blue colour on my mind for a while. I’ve had a desire for something in dark blue in  my wardrobe – a good basic colour that matches most things. We went on a long weekend trip to Singapore a few weeks back & it’s incredible how much you can find in the enormous choice that is available. From the big top brands to small independent retailers. If you plan to travel there give yourself some time to explore, not only the shopping opportunities, but also the huge variety of restaurants, coffee bars & small shopping streets. Anyway, I came home with some nice things, in this particular colour – deep dark blue – classic simple clothing without frills.

Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.comDifferent shades of blue together with beige & brown / Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.com

skonahem.seOrganised styling / skonahem.se

fashionlover.netPreppy & proper / fashionlover.net

pinterest.comSometimes it’s not bad with a convertible / pinterest.com

skonahem.seConsistent white base with blue accents / pinterest.com

aurahome.com.auDark blue with white crosses – graphically beautiful / aurahome.com.au

margaret--jane.tumblr.comLisbon, Portugal / margaret–jane.tumblr.com

pinterest.comInspiring collage / pinterest.com

fancy.comSimple & basic / fancy.com

google.comJust inspiring / fancy.com

pinterest.comTextiles / pinterest.com

megan55 via tumblr.comStylish cut / megan55 via tumblr.com

facebook.com:petra.becker.7121From a friends FB post / facebook.com:petra.becker.7121

moccachoc via google.comShort & wide, with long sleeves under / moccachoc via fashionfriends.tumblr.com

fancy.comFamous view from Italy/ Fancy.com

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