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Daily inspiration, grey

This is wonderful in its simplicity. Well, you might say, it’s nothing special. But oh so nicely, I think. It’s from Viktor & Rolf fall collection 2014. Grey trousers, in manly style with a stylish pullover in soft materials. Cut nicely on the sides. A bit loose fitting, so that it won’t become too dressy. Elegant but still relaxed style.

sulia.com Viktor & Rolf fall 2014/ sulia.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, two layers

A sheer glass lamp with thin double layer. It almost looks like a jewel in its elegance & stylish yet simple design. A lamp that fits in everywhere, which is visible but does not overwhelm or dominate. A true beauty!

tumblr.com/ tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, too much

Do you think this is a bit too much?

I think it’s super neat. It’s elegant but not too much. With the ties & shirts in stripes, plaid & white, it becomes a nice mix. It is far more interesting than the usual grey & gloomy business suits. I guess it takes some courage to pull of this in a natural & casual way.

Google image/ google image

Take care / Marie

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A grey everyday / 52

Hej Friends,

Grey, wet & a bit cloudy, that’s today’s weather forecast – but here am I’m, as far from grey everyday’s as you can imagine. My time is my own, I’m free to do what I want to, no time or appointments to fit, no stress. It’s like a dream. Previously, I’ve been stressed out & always on the run – constantly busy, never to time to reflect or ponder over things. Without time for reflection, there’s a risk of fewer conclusions & insights. It’s of real importance for me to grow & developed to strive to improve myself as an individual. I’m forever thankful that I took the decision & had the possibility to be free for a year & not having to worry about this or that. Just take each day as it comes. And that my dear dear friends, is what I do with my time, meaning that I am not experiencing dull grey everydays. Grey is by the way a wonderful colour, so I have prepared a grey everyday, to you.

Masonry wall with varying grey stones, Nice bed cover bed & grey-lined curtains in a beautiful dark  tone / Design shimmer

Beautiful String shelf in grey with grey & white accents / Time of aquarius

Light grey walls with a darker grey background for the frames – nice indeed / My ideal home

Tranquility, beauty & harmony in a pleasant color scheme / Room 269

Clamp lamp in an old nice style that would make anyone happy / Pluto

A mole Grey coat & lighter grey hair band on a pretty little beauty / Babes’n beads

Different grey shades on the cover & lighter grey on cushions. Nice solution with the painted head board / My white room

Wood & rattan combined with white & grey – very refreshing / House & Home

Cotton in various shades, checkered, striped & white / The pursuit aesthetic

Not too common colour on the Chesterfield – velvet grey. A piece of beauty / The book of secrets

Shades of grey / Glen Proebstel

 Comfortable & relaxing working environment - very attractive / My white room

White floor, white back panel & grey  cushions & pillows / Decor 8

 What about this beauty – both the light grey suit & the beautiful young man /  Black fashion

Take care / Marie

The majority of the photos on my blog are not mine. If you are the owner & want your photo removed from here, please let me know.

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