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Daily inspiration, talented dashes

Talent is a gift that can either be nurtured & refined or just be there as an originating force. It’s fascinating how simple it may look like with a few dashes but oh so hard to accomplish it with such finesse.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.34.36 pmfancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, talent

I’m an admirer of all kinds of talent that people posses. And the time & passion they invest in things they love. It’s worth an applause!


Via twitter.com

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Daily inspiration, lamps

Beautiful lights are always interesting and attractive. These are more art than just ceiling lights with their shape, wonderful materials, shimmering inside & longer sweeping cord.

thedesignwalkerthedesignwalker.tumblr.com / lampara handmade | sandro santantonio

Take care / Marie

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Sober maturity

It might be wrong to call these images for “mature” but by that I mean a more adult style, more conventional. It is perhaps not quite the right expression – traditional, understandable, predictable, classical, timeless & so on. A bit of a hotel feeling, perhaps a little impersonal because it’s not decorated, in the sense that it doesn’t overflows with things. Few well chosen items such as art, antiques that breathes style, heavy draped curtains & so on.

It’s usually liberating environments with everything in its place. Often organised, very tidy & neat. It can of course be colourful, slightly playful but in a sober manner. Still, in lots of different styles – classical, city, rural, modern, as well as various expressions & materials of course.

designsalvation.tumblr.com/ designsalvation.tumblr.com

ruemag.com/ ruemag.com

justthedesign.com/ justthedesign.com

studiokarin/ studiokarin

fantasticfrankblogg.tumblr.com/ fantasticfrankblogg.tumblr.com

dustjacketattic.tumblr.com/ dustjacketattic.tumblr.com

designnerd.tumblr.com/ designnerd.tumblr.com

aninteriordesignersblog.tumblr.com/ aninteriordesignersblog.tumblr.com

habituallychic.blogspot.com/ habituallychic.blogspot.com

designmaster.tumblr.com/ designmaster.tumblr.com

micasadesign.tumblr.com/ micasadesign.tumblr.com

Fancy.com/ fancy.com

scandinaviandesignmodern.tumblr.com/ scandinaviandesignmodern.tumblr.com

feedly.com/ feedly.com

jossandmain/ jossandmain

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Street art

We are hired as private drivers, part-time, usually involuntarily & unprepared – I may not have told you that! It’s various activities, dinners, gigs & other we are asked to drive our boys to, and it’s unpredictable. To put it nicely – we get to see places we otherwise wouldn’t. Different suburbs, neighbourhoods & areas where they usually meet with friends.

So in other words, inspiration from the streets today – it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about peoples creativity. The way people can change the street scene, not through architecture but by being ingenious in a simple, down to earth-way. What’s exciting is that it can turn up anywhere & unexpected. It makes me think about the person behind & the reasoning. I call it street art, where others might look at it as clutter or graffiti…perhaps.

ginandbird.tumblr.com/ ginandbird.tumblr.com

streetartutopiaLove you too / streetartutopia

tumblr.comA crack becomes a spider web / tumblr.com

tumblr.com Bicycle parking with joy / tumblr.com

tumblr.comThe Leaning Tower of Pisa / tumblr.com

pinterest.comNice stair decoration with a homey feeling / pinterest.com

memolition.comA tiny speck that keeps the streets clean / memolition.com

memolition.comColourful characters with twinkle in the eye / memolition.com

photobucket.comLook up! / photobucket.com

imcallingshots.tumblr.comWhat was once was meant, means something else now / imcallingshots.tumblr.com

google imagesSomeone is a passionate knitter / google images

fancy.comDices among cobbles / fancy.com

evysinspirations.tumblr.comThere’s a view,  with or without windows / evysinspirations.tumblr.com

fancy.com:katyakirnovaConstant watering / fancy.com:katyakirnova

fancy.comCurly hair / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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