Small space

You can do wonders with small areas. Think through what you want to achieve, before you start. What functions are needed, what furnitures, what style & what to keep or give away. Smart storage solutions that’s both functional but also nice to the eye. Save space – clothes, bedding & seasonal stuff can be stowed away until it is time to use these again. Sparingly or lots of stuff, if done with care & thoughtfulness, it will make a big difference. You can create an easy-going feel with few well chosen stuff. Or a cozy & homey atmosphere by allowing your storage solution be visible. There are endless choices of ideas so anything is possible, for living in a small space.

archimoods.tumblrAdorable small space / archimoods.tumblr

scandiconcept Compact living / scandiconcept single beds & that’s it /

2.bp.blogspot.comNeat & functional /

urbio.comSmall storage /

bolig Small but sparsely furnished /

adieu-tristess.tumblr.comUse the height /

fantasticfranc Hidden storage /

thedesignfiles.netA room within a room /

designsalvation.tumblr.comWell thought out solutions /

tumblr.comSmart & stylish storage vertically /

interioridea.tumblr.comSleep & store /

stadshem.seWhite & airy despite the small space /

cazuiyo.tumblr.comSmall room with a view /

smallrooms.tumblr.comModerately decorated /

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Small space

  1. I agree, it’s very functional with most things within reach but still structured & inviting.

  2. These are really lovely pictures :-) I especially like the “room within a room”, and the “well thought out solutions.” Great :-)

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